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Last Chance


Join Carolyn Scott-Hamilton, aka The Healthy Voyager, on a foodie and fun filled trip to Paris, France.Carolyn shares her experience and goes on a quest to find great food for special diet …

Satisfy your inner experience with a vacation you'll never forget in Nicaragua. Watch more videos at

I will never forget my time in Joshua Tree. Hiking through the desert, seeing the wildlife, spending my birthday there, feeling so small in a place so big. I remember so fondly the drives back to our …

A Dutch Food Truck Festival - Rollende Keukens or Rolling Kitchens fill the park and kick off summer & all it's wonderful food festivals! Food, music, drinks & dancing!!

Even for off-the-beaten-path travelers, the thought of seeing the famous Machu Picchu is tantalizing. As I always say though, there is more to a destination than its famous sights, so I've put …

The Treasure of Agra

Have you ever heard more romantic story than that one of the Great ruler Shah Jahan and his incomparable Love, that made him build one of the six great Wonders of World - Taj Mahal? Come to Agra and …

Pink City

If you want to experience the feeling of real India visiting of Jaipur is the must. This city is a kind of time machine: wherever you will go - visit old observatory, numerous of beautiful palaces of …

A lovely evening in Krakow's Stare Miasto with Julia Trotti while we were travelling Europe.

Join me (Gary Bembridge of as I share my tips on the seven must-see sights in Florida "The Sunshine State" beyond the Orlando Theme Parks. Inspiration and advice for travellers …

I was surprised with a trip to Iceland, somewhere I've always wanted to explore. Whilst there, I took my GH4 to test out some new kit. Here is the result.